National Institute of Technology, Ube College.


Department of Electrical Engineering

Our curriculums of the electrical engineering course are composed of general subjects and fundamental technical subjects. Both of them are combined to educate students effectively through the consistent five years wedge-shaped program, which we call KUSABIGATA. Not only electrical power engineering, electrical machinery, measurement-instrumentation and control engineering, but also electronics, electronic circuits, software engineering, information engineering and communication engineering as the subjects relative to electronics and information, are fully prepared for the students. Some optional subjects are also given.

One each technical subject, the laboratory work is put in order to grasp the correspondence between experiment and theory. In the work on electronic computer, the students use workstations, personal computers, board-microcomputers and so on, to handle the experimental apparatus and data, and also to develop their application ability for the design. Especially, the programming exercise as information processing by using personal computers begins at the first year. Besides lectures and laboratory works, we attach importance to the individual guidance on thesis work for graduation.


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