National Institute of Technology, Ube College.


Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Materials making up the earth and the cosmos naturally arrange themselves and form lives. And human beings create industrial goods and articles out of elemental substances and build up better lives and wealthy society.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is designed to produce engineers who understand properties and functions of materials at the atomic or molecular level, manufacture goods and articles useful for our lives and industries, and conrtibute to efficient use of energy and resources and to conservatoin of the global environment.

The Department consists of two courses: one is Industrial Chemistry Course designed to develop chemical engineers who engage in the designing and manufacturing of such materials as textiles, plastics and semiconductors, and the other is Bioengineering Course designed to develop bioengineers who engage in the testing and manufacturing of foodstuffs and medicines. Students are divided into these two courses, depending on their aims and academic records at the beginning of the fourth year, and later choose respective specialized subjects in each course.


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