National Institute of Technology, Ube College.

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Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Title Degree Name Specialized field
D.Eng. YAMASAKI Hirohito Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Material
D.Eng. NAKANO Yoichi Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering
D.Sci. HIROHARA Shiho Bioorganic Chemistry
D.Eng. SUGIMOTO Kenji Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering
D.Sci. TAKATA Yoichi Physical Chemistry, Interfacial Chemistry
Associate Professor
D.Sci. SHIMABUKURO Katsuya Biophysics, Microscopy
D.Eng. NOMOTO Naoki Environmental Engineering, Physical Chemistry
D.Med. KOBAYASHI Wakako Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Ph.D. MACHIDA Shuntaro Applied biochemistry
Assistant Professor D.Sci. FUJIBAYASHI Masaru Functional Solid State Chemistry

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