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Message from the President

Ube Kosen’s objective is to contribute to local communities by fostering engineers/ researchers who are rich in humanity with creativity and practical abilities.

presidentPresident KANEDERA Noboru

The National Institute of Technology (Kosen) is an institute that provides technical education with emphasis on experiments and practical training to students who are from 15 years old to 20 years old or 22 years old in the most impressionable time of their lives. Ube Kosen was established in 1962, and we have over 60 years of history. We have sent out over 9,000 graduates who contribute not only to Ube City but also nationwide. They have obtained great recognition in the societies respectively.

Excellent engineers/ researchers are required to be rich in humanity. Our students learn general education subjects well in addition to specialized subjects related to technology for 5 years in the Main Course from their 1st year to 5th year so that they obtain knowledge broadly.

We offer a 2-year Advanced Course that is applicable after the completion of the 5-year Main Course. In the Advanced Course, students challenge more practical assignments and creations based on the basic skills obtained in the Main Course. It is a remarkable feature of Kosen education that students can research for a total of 3 years, which is 1 year of graduation research in the 5th year and 2 years of special research in the Advanced Course.

With a vision of “Challenge, Explore, and Fly high, Ube Kosen”, we foster engineers/ researchers who can contribute worldwide. Our students work on two types of assignments that one has answers and the other is that students need to find answers by themselves. We believe students can create innovative products and technologies by challenging and exploring these assignments.

We appreciate your understanding and support of Ube Kosen.

Introduction for President: Noboru Kanedera Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, 1962
Professor at National Institute of Technology, Ishikawa College, then President at National Institute of Technology, Ube College (Ube Kosen)

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