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Core Values/Mission Statement/Cultivation of Human Resources

Core Values

Among all social activities, we must take ethics first and foremost into consideration as human and social beings. On the basis of this principle, we put weight on fostering a warm sense of humanity in our students, encouraging them to make an aggressive and persistent effort toward their aspirations and creative goals. Hence at the heart of our college lies the following guiding principle, “Be human, be tough and be challenge-seeking.”

Mission Statement

The 4 objectives are mentioned below to attain our education goals.

  1. We will nurture students in spiritual richness, fine sensitivity, and a high sense of responsibility and discipline.
  2. We will cultivate students who have an extensive knowledge of specialized subjects in order to solve problems in appropriate ways.
  3. We will produce creative and globally-minded engineers with practical skills.
  4. We will develop human beings who have overall abilities to create something new.

Cultivation of Human Resources

Our college aims to cultivate the following types of human resources in accordance with our philosophy of education.

  1. We cultivate human resources who are rich enough in their cultural background and ethics to lead decent social lives.
  2. We cultivate human resources who have basic academic abilities to understand and develop special subjects.
  3. We cultivate human resources who have sufficient language skills to express themselves not only in Japan but also in the world.
  4. We cultivate human resources who have enough knowledge of their major works.
  5. We cultivate human resources who have the ability to find their own tasks and aggressively challenge to seek out the solution of each task.
  6. We cultivate human resources who are able to grasp the overall phenomena with multilateral approaches and to design and create the targeted object concretely.

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