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Advanced Course

The Advanced Course, built upon the basis of consecutive fiveyears education in the college of technology aiming to teach specialized arts and sciences deeply and train abilities necessary for engineers, was established to provide further two years of learning and studying period, to the deeper and more precise extent of higher specialized knowledge and technology concerning industry, educating them to widely contribute to the industrial development.

The Advanced Course in our college contains three sub-divisions. The Advanced Course has a high educational policy of not only providing higher specialized knowledge and technological skills but also a wide range of general knowledge and competence, and training them into engineers who are able to work to a large extent in the international community.


Advanced Course of Production Systems Engineering

This advanced course aims to produce engineers ingenious and analytical enough to deal with the developing state-of-art technology. Industry needs engineers who can comprehend various fields of academic work such as machine, electricity and information. By providing wide-ranged special subjects which advanced course students expect to take, we are to train them into the unique engineers who are capable of using their elastic mental resources.

Advanced Course of Chemical and Biological Engineering

This advanced course aims to produce engineers owing knowledge and technology advanced enough to deal with the developing of material transformation, energy transformation technology, biotechnology and environmental conservation. In the industry mainly on chemical industry, biotechnology and the environmental conservation, engineers having intelligence who can work to a large extent in a wide variety of specialized fields are required. We provide students special subjects such as chemistry, biology, material and environment and develop engineers who can deal with these fields growing rapidly.

Advanced Course of Management Information Engineering

This advanced course aims to foster Management Engineers who have intelligence and skills to keep up with the development of economic society and information technology. The course allows students to take credits out of wide range of options, such as management theories, information science and mathematical approaches to fulfill the various industrial needs for engineers in this field.

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