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Student Dormitories “Hakucho Dormitory”

Our college student dormitory, “Hakucho Domitory” is by Tokiwa Lake. The motto of “Hakucho Dormitory” is “Autonomy, Friendship, and Cooperation”. There is a boy’s dorm and a girl’s dorm and about 300 students (about 50 students of them are girls) live in the dormitory. Each dormitory comes fully equipped with air conditioners and Wi-Fi, and provides students more comfortable learning environment.

Attitude to dormitory life

Keep quiet environment, accept each other, and cooperate to be a great student dormitory.

(1) Maintenance of learning environment

  • Student’s first duty is to study.
  • Student Dormitory is a place to study, and each student must have motivation to study hard.
  • Make meaningful use of your free time to improve academic progress.
  • Try not to give troubles since each student has different learning content and the way of study depending on his grade.

(2) Prohibition of annoying behaviors to others.

  • Dormitory is the place where many people live together, so annoying behaviors to others are prohibited.
  • Stop all acts such as below in the dormitory.
    • Make a loud sound (audios, musical instruments, cars, motorcycles, singing in a loud voice after study ours, and other acts that cause loud sound )
    • Extort chipping in, money and goods or act similar to this.
    • Force underclass students to do something ( such as cooking ramen, grocery shopping, laundry)
      Take care of your self is the general rule and it is common sense in ordinary society.
    • Other acts that disturb other students’ privacy.

(3) Manners and Greetings

  • Dormitory students respect good manners each other, and senior class students should try to be a good model for underclass students.
  • Exchange greetings each other, and greet not only teachers but also visitors.
  • Mind your language. Be careful not to be disrespectful to others.

(4) Dress code

  • You can wear whatever you like in the dormitory, but should wear something appropriate and not be degrading to the school. Especially, please refrain from wearing a sweat suit when you come to school (except when you have P.E. class), or sleep.
  • Outside of the dormitory, please wear something appropriate as Ube Kosen student including attending a school.

Year-round schedule

Student dormitory calendar in 2017

April Open the dormitory
Entrance ceremony / Opening ceremony
Luncheon for new dormitory students
Meeting for all dormitory students
New students welcome orientation
May Dormitory student general meeting
Hakucho Dormitory Parents general meeting
Cultural exchange event with international students
College dormitory fire evacuation drill
Jun Cleaning all together
Cultural lecture presentation
July Election for the president and the vice president of student dormitory council
August Cleaning all together
Changing room
Close the dormitory
October Open the dormitory
Training workshop for the leaders of student dormitory
Dormitory Festival
Weeding work
November College dormitory fire evacuation drill
Dormitory student general meeting
December Cleaning all together
Cultural lecture presentation
Close the dormitory
January Open the dormitory
March Cleaning all together
Training workshop for the leaders of student dormitory
Farewell party for 5th graders and 2nd graders of Advanced Course
Changing room
Close the dormitory

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