National Institute of Technology, Ube College.

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Department of Business Administration

Title Name Specialized field
Professor D.Eng. MUTO Yoshihiko Statistical Pattern Recognition
D.Econ. MATSUNO Seigo Management Information Systems, IT Management, Inter-firm Relationships
M.Econ. TAGAWA Shinya Financial Accounting, International Accounting, Book keeping
Associate Professor D.Econ.


Economics, Regional Economy
D.Eng. ARAKAWA Masamoto Artificial Intelligence, Data Science
D.Eng. HASAMA Masayoshi Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Optimization Theory
D.Eng. NAKAOKA Iori Soft Computing, Management Information Systems, Kansei Engineering
Ph.D. NEGISHI Kanako International Business, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
M.A. YAMANE Yoichi Accounting, Accounting Education
Assistant Professor D.Eng ITO Tsutomu Operations Management

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