National Institute of Technology, Ube College.

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〒755-8555 Tokiwadai, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., Japan

◯From Ube Shinkawa Station:take the Ube City Bus bound for Furogasako,Hirakidai,or Hiraki‐Hagiwara(loop-line)and get off at the Kosen Ground Mae bus stop,3 minutes on foot from the bus stop(20 minutes in total)
◯From Shin-yamaguchi Station:40 minutes by car
◯From Ube Station:30 minutes by car
◯From Yamaguchi Ube Airport:15 minutes by car

Campus Map


1.Administration Building 2.Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Building 3.General Education Building 4.Chemical and Biological Engineering Building
5.Intelligent System Engineering Building 6.Business Administration Building 7.Advanced Course Building 8.Collaborative Research Center
9.Training Workshop 10.Machanical Engineering Experiment Building 11.Library 12.Manufacturing Workshop
13.GymnasiumⅠ 14.GymnasiumⅡ 15.Martial Arts Center 16.Student Union
17.International Exchange Center 18.Hakucho Dormitory(Building B) 19.Hakucho Dormitory(Building C) 20.Hakucho Dormitory(Building D)
21.Hakucho Dormitory(Building E) 22.Hakucho Dormitory(Building F) 23.Club HouseⅠ 24.Cafeteria
25.Bathhouse 26.Club HouseⅡ 27.International House

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