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System and Aims of College of Technology

  1. Technical colleges are five-year high-education institutions that seek to train topflight technical specialists. An integrated five-year program enables the student to study efficiently both general education and specialized subjects at high school and university level, to receive an education equivalent to that at the university level, and to engage in research.
  2. This system was put in place in 1961, and 19 schools were established in 1962(12 national, 2 public, 5 private). At present there are a total of 57 technical colleges in Japan : 51 national schools, 3 public schools, and 3 private schools.
  3. The system has played an important role in training the technical specialists of Japan and thus far prepared over 400,000 graduates for entry into society.
  4. Active research is carried out in order to promote cooperation with local industries. The schools also make an active effort to establish themselves as open, and easily accessible higher-education institutions by serving as a base for continuing education in the local communities, offering extension courses open to the public and providing systems for accepting research students, auditors, etc.
  5. A sweeping revision of the technical college system in 1991 brought an expansion of the specialty technical fields under its purview and the introduction of a nondegree graduate program. Also as a result, graduates are now awarded associate bachelor’s degrees.


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