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Club Activities

We have about 30 club activities at Ube Kosen. There are sports clubs and cultural clubs、 and they are working actively in various areas.


Ball Sports

Tennis club / Baseball club / Soccer club / Softball tennis club / Table tennis club / Basketball club (Boys) / Basketball club(Girls) / Badminton club / Volleyball club(Boys) / Volleyball club (Girls) / Handball club / Rugby club


Martial Arts

Karate club / Japanese archery club / Kendo club / Judo club / Shorinji Kenpo club


Other sports・Outdoor activities

Swimming club / Track and Field Athletics club / Street Dance club / Trekking club



Audio club / Wind Instruments Music club / Go and Shogi (Japanese chess) club / Flower Arrangement and Tea Ceremony club / Photography club / Fine Arts club / Literary Section club



English Conversation club / Computer club / Robot Creation club / ET Robokon club

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