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Audio club

We conduct sound and music and also perform in a band at Kosen Festival. We also regularly have band practice at a club with live music. We communicate with other Kosen schools and local community, and we have many equipment, so we can participate various audio activities. There are many girl’s members including girl’s bands and that’s our club’s charm. It doesn’t matter to a beginners or experienced person. Let’s enjoy Ube Kosen life together in Audio club.

Wind Instruments Music club

bras band
We play at regular concerts, at Kosen Festival, and at Nishi-Chugoku district’s Kosen Music Festival. We have various activities through a year, and practice hard for those events. Especially for regular concerts, the members handle from planning to public relations, so you can gain experiences which you can’t experience in other clubs. It doesn’t matter to a beginners or experienced person. Anyone who love music, let’s join us!

Go and Shogi (Japanese chess) club

Igo and Shogi
Go and Shogi are games which you use your brain, so you think they’re too difficult for beginners to play, but that’s not it! The seniors teach you and if you keep playing a game with them, you’ll be able to be ready to fight at the games in half a year. Igo and Shogi are fun like completing a puzzle. Please come to see us!

Flower Arrangement and Tea Ceremony club

We have tea ceremony practice 3 days in a week. We practice at a sleeping room for teachers in the clubhouse. A school of tea ceremony is Omotesenke. If you haven’t experienced tea ceremony before, don’t worry. Our teachers’ courteous coaching and the seniors’ support will improve your skill. Please feel free to come to the clubhouse if you are interested in tea ceremony.

Photography club

We take various photos to improve our skill every day. We carefully select our photos which we think “This is it!”, to display at Kosen Festival, in the cafeteria or the library. Whenever we replace our photos, the new ones are better than before, and that makes us take better photos next. Taking photos is individual work, but you can enjoy free activities. We prepare equipment of camera for beginners!

Fine Arts club

Under the mentorship of our teacher, we work using any technique we like such as painting in watercolors, drawing oil painting, creating an illustration, or doing the curving. Usually we work for Kosen Festival or Chugoku district’s joint art exhibition, but in summer vacation, we all work together to make a banner for Shintencho shopping streets in Ube. Please join us if you want to make a work you like and to show it many people!

Literary Section club

We mainly write novels, essays, or young-adult fiction. Also we make our club magazines, and some of the members contribute to new writer award of young-adult fiction. Throughout the year there are many events, such as contributing to the Literature Contest, a joint camp with other Kosen schools, and exhibition our works at Kosen Festival. We usually work at Computer Room, or the library, and we write our works at home when we don’t have club activity. We do our activities in a relaxed way.

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