National Institute of Technology, Ube College.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Title Name Specialized field
Professor D.Ph. YOSHIDA Masashi Non-destructive Evaluation, Superconductivity, Composite Materials
D.Eng. FUJITA Kazutaka Strength and Fracture of Materials, Fractography, Fracture Mechanics
D.Eng. NANNO Ikuo Photovoltaic, Control Engineering
D.Eng. FUJITA Katsuhide Dynamics
D.Eng. GOTO Minoru Tribology, Processing Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor D.Eng. TOKUNAGA Atsushi Computational Mechanics, Thermodynamics
D.Eng. ICHIDA Keisuke Control Engineering, Robotics
D.Eng. MORISAKI Tetsuya Mechatronics
Lecturer D.Eng. TOMINAGA Akira Fluid Engineering
Assistant Professor D.Eng. NITTA Yuji Strength and Fracture of Materials
D.Eng. YAMAZAKI Yoshikatsu Materials Engineering, Solid-state Physics, Non-equilibrium Materials

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