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Ain Natasha Maarof

vol.2 Ain Natasha Maarof

Department of Mechanical Engineering

In front of the tile wall painting at the communication lounge of the students hall.

Why did you choose Japan to study?

I like to study technical subject so I decided to come to Japan to get a great education.
Many students go to abroad to study in Malaysia, so I didn’t have any problem to study abroad. One of my seniors who studied in Japan told me that Japan was a perfect place to study, so I decided to come to Japan. I studied Japanese at a high school in Malaysia for a year and half, then I came here.

How did you start studying at Ube Kosen?

I used Malaysia Government Studying Abroad System. I passed an interview to win a scholarship for studying in Japan when I was a high school student. At the interview, I had an English discussion or answered questions about global knowledge. After I passed the interview, I was able to choose one countries among four, and I chose Ube Kosen in Japan to study mechanical engineering.

How do you like studying at Ube Kosen and living Japan?

Teachers and classmates in Ube Kosen are very nice to me. They always help me when I need help and that makes me happy. I’m getting used to living in Japan. At first, I was puzzled by food cultural differences, but now with other Malaysian students, we turn to make meales at the dormitory, so we have fun making and eating together. Also I went to eat sushi with my Japanese friends and it was the first time for me to eat raw fish. Actually, it was fantastic!

What do you do except studying?

I join Japanese Language circle. Foreigners who are working or international students join the circle. When I first arrived in Japan, I thought it was not enough to study Japanese only at school, and I found the circle through the internet.
We get together once a week and a Japanese teacher teaches us Japanese as volunteer.
At the circle, there are students from Vietnam, China, Egypt, and so on, so it is stimulating for me to study together.

How do you want to make use of the experience of studying abroad and studying at Ube Kosen?

Now I have two dreams. First one is to be an engineer using the knowledge of mechanical engineering which I am studying now here. I will study more about Japanese machines and I want to improve our country’s machines and pass on technology.
I want to work in Japan for a few year and know better about Japanese society for that.
I want to make a better society like Japan by myself when I go back to my country.
The second dream is what I found after I started studying at Ube Kosen. I have been touched by my teachers’ and friends’ kindness since I came here. I also like to teach, so I want to be a teacher who can teach anything and be kind to students.
I’m still thinking about my future, I have enough time to think well during studying at Ube Kosen and I will be able to know what I want to do in my future.


At Akiyoshidai, Yamaguchi


International students’ Field trip (at Hiroshima Peace Memorial)

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