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Tsogkhuu Ariunbolor

vol.3 Tsogkhuu Ariunbolor


Department of Inteligent System Engineering


To be an engineer who can contribute to the development of her home country.

Why did you come to Japan to study?

I decided to become an engineer when I was in the first year of high school. Then I looked for schools in different countries to study abroad and Japan was the most interesting country for me.

How did you come to Ube Kosen to study?

After I graduated from high school in Mongolia, I joined “Overseas study program for National Technical College”. Then I studied Japanese for a year and half in Mongolia, took EJU test to study in Japan.

EJU:Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

What would you like to study at Ube Kosen?


I would like to learn not only Japanese technology or knowledge, but also Japanese culture in three years at Ube Kosen.

How do you like your school life at Ube Kosen and living in Japan?


It’s my first time to be separated from my family, and I was in trouble a lot because of culture differences. My classmates and teachers always helped me. Now I enjoy living at dormitory. I’ve made friends from various countries. I’m having fun to hang out and sometimes eat out with them.

How would you like to use your experience of studying here in the future?

I’d like to learn Japanese technology and become an engineer who can contribute to Mongolia, and do my best for developing of my country.

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