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vol.4 “TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”

ep_title1 3rd grade of the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Miss. Maika Otani
August 9th ~September 12th, 2015 Gold Coast in Australia
September 13th ~September 27th, 2015 National United University of Taiwan

I went to Australia to study English at a language school for 5 weeks from August 9th. I had comprehensive English skill classes such as a reading class, a listening class, a writing class, and a speaking class, in the morning according the day. I could choose any class I wanted to take in the afternoon. I chose a conversation class for the first one week, and a pronunciation class for the next three weeks, then a conversation class again for the last one week. Each class had a different teacher and it was easy to study for me because all the class were divided by levels.

Not only students but also a wide range of people such as accountants, lawyers, and engineers came to study from all over the world. Talking with many people inspired me.

On the weekends, I enjoyed reading books at the library, going surfing, and going to the zoo. At my homestay, I enjoyed local food, so I could be exposed to Australian food culture.

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ep_title2 3rd grade of the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Miss. Yume Fujiwara
August 24th~September 12th, 2015 Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan
September 12th~September 27th, 2015 National United University of Taiwan

I went to Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I joined “English Camp” there. The camp is for people who enter this university. I had 6 classes for 6days. We were divided into groups and sang English songs and did plays. I could develop my powers of expression. There were 20 groups and each group had 22 students. Also, there were 2 current students in each group and they led us as leaders. The lessons were all English and I learned that communication and working hard on t everything were important.

I had private English lesson in the morning and my host-sister took me many sightseeing places in Kaohsiung in the afternoon in the next one week. I learned comprehensive English skill such as grammar, listening, speaking, writing, and reading, in the morning.

I had private Chinese lesson for two hours in the morning, and two hours in the afternoon in the last one week. I learned basic Chinese such as pronunciation and vocabulary. As I studied Chinese, I could catch some Chinese words and my staying became more enjoyable in Taiwan.

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ep_title3 3rd grade of the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Miss. Mihori Matsuno
August 24th ~September 11th, 2015 The University of Newcastle, Australia
September 13th ~September 27th, 2015 National United University of Taiwan

I went to The University of Newcastle in Australia to study English. About half of the students there were Japanese and the others were from different countries.

My one-day schedule was that we had a lesson first, then a lecture, and a lesson again. According the days, we had a listening class, a reading class, a writing class, and a speaking class, and each class had a different teacher. At lectures, we went to the Zoo on the first day, and the rest of the days, we watched videos and listened to conversations to be used to hearing English.

There was an International Festival through a week in the second week, and we could eat many kinds of meals from different countries. Also our class went to the beach, a museum, the zoo and I had a great time with my classmates.

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The three students joined together and got training at National United University of Taiwan after they finished their studying abroad at different places. After they came back to Japan, they reported their result of studying to the president.

What kind of things did you experience in Taiwan?

Miss. Otani and Miss. Fujiwara: We went to National United University of Taiwan for researching. We set our research plan as the development of cosmetic products utilizing foods. We made soap and lip balm made from an extract of papaya. ep1-3_1 ep1_3
Miss. Matsuno: I studied about waste disposal. I did experiments twice and I was taken to the city’s incinerator plant. Also Taiwan students taught me how to introduce myself in Chinese and some Chinese words twice a week at night. On the last day, three of us reported the result of our studying in English. ep1-3_1 ep1_3

What is the most memorable thing during your staying?

Three of them: The Taiwan students who came to Ube Kosen for a short-term study abroad before took us some sightseeing spots in Taipei on weekends and the last day. We had great time. The night market was filled with people and everyday was like a festival there. They go out to eat a lots in Taiwan, and it’s a part of their culture. We had dinner at the night market and it was really fun. ep1-3_1 ep1_3

Please give some message to who want to study abroad.

Three of them: You have to make your own plan to study and you can go study abroad at “TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program”. Let’s make a detail plan and also stay in close contact with the other side and you can have a fun and valuable experience abroad. Take the first step if you want to study abroad!
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