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vol.5 Singapore Singapore Polytechnic (2B Miss. Tanaka)

Singapore Singapore Polytechnic

2nd grade of the Department of Business Administration Miss. Misato Tanaka

I went to Singapore to receive one month language training from August 27th to September 24th. My first overseas experience was very exciting, and the training was fulfilling.


Volunteer activity at Soup Kitchen.

On weekdays, we mainly worked on a team of 3 or 4 students, and we made presentations or had a debate one subject. We focus on skill of speaking, listening, writing, and reading to acquire English. Not only in the classroom, but we also did off-campus activities, such as volunteer work or finding answers to questions which were given to us in a town. I could experience lots of things what I can’t experience in my school in Japan. Moreover, I could go sightseeing to famous places in Singapore on weekends. I could spend fulfilling days there.


A group photo of the last day of the language training.

Of course it was not just all fun, I was keenly aware of luck of studying English every day since I couldn’t communicate in English. But I could clarify the problems, so I keep studying English without giving up and I want to be able to speak English before I graduate. Also, I want to try overseas trainings to study English, and come into contact with different culture.

(Studied abroad to Singapore Polytechnic from August 27th to September 24th, 2016)

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