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vol.10 National United University, Taiwan (1P Mr. Fukudome)

National United University, Taiwan

1st year at Advanced Course of Production Systems Engineering
Mr.Kokoro Fukudome

I went to National United University in Taiwan from July 18/2017 – September 10/2017. I was assigned to an Intelligent System office and did my research there.


With my classmates

I was very worried first because I couldn’t speak Chinese at all. (Chinese is an official language in Taiwan.) But students in the office and volunteer students who supported me communicated in English, and it was very helpful. Because of their supports, I could work hard on my research during weekdays. I was very glad that I went to Taiwan since my research progressed so much.

The volunteer students took me many places all over Taiwan on weekends. They also took me some places where only local knew, not on guide books. When I got sick and had to go to see a doctor during my stay, they helped me so much even though they were on summer holiday. I made the best friends in Taiwan and we still stayed in touch.


A trip with international students on our day off

Every day was fulfilled, and I had the best summer holiday. Thank you for the opportunity to have such a great experiences.

(Studied at National United University, 2017/07/18 – 2017/09/10)

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