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vol17. KAWAMATA Kotarou

Training for Korean language and mechanical design & cultural exchange in Daegu, Korea

Korea, Yeungjin University

4th-year of the Department of Mechanical Engineering: KAWAMATA, Kotarou
Period of study: August 16/2022 – September 7/ 2022


School building of Yeungjin University

I was thinking to study abroad in my teenage, so I joined the “actual” training (not online training) first time after COVID-19 started.

The training schedule was to learn the Korean language in the morning and mechanical design which was my specialty in the afternoon. In the Korean language class in the morning, we enjoyed learning the language by playing “Jegichagi”, “kong-gi-no-ri”, etc. which were Korean traditional plays. We had a tournament at the end and it left in my mind as a memory. There were students from other Kosen schools and university students in the training and I became close to them. I connected with people who I usually did not meet.


During the mechanical design class: designing some parts of a remote control car

In the specialized class in the afternoon, I made a remote control car using a 3D CAD and a 3D printer. The software was different from the one I used in Kosen’s class, but a Korean teacher taught me how to think of the basic design so that I learned an effective and optimal design method compared to before. It was a good feeling to see the product I designed was produced by a 3D printer right in front of me. I regret a little that I could not complete the remote control car by myself because I got COVID-19 right before it was completed.

In the specialized class, 1 or 2 Korean students were assigned to 1 Japanese student to support. Yeungjin University has a course that is made for the purpose to obtain a job with a Japanese company and I communicated with students in the course. When we introduced each other first, I was very surprised because they spoke such fluent Japanese. In addition, they were very knowledgeable about mechanical design. They said, “it cannot be used at work if it is not the most efficient way”. And they always think of “the most efficient designing method” and that was very impressive and I got inspired.


Buddy program member

On my day off, I went sightseeing in the city of Daegu with a group of 5 to 6 students of Japanese and Korean under the buddy program. I went to look around the famous Korean shopping street and ate samgyeopsal (Yakiniku), Sulbing (similar to shaved ice dessert) with my buddies. I spent a good time. The city was not the big difference from Japan which I was surprised about.


Daegu scenery from a bus tour

They also held a dinner party at a hotel, a bus tour, etc., so I communicated with many Korean students and teachers. Korean students liked Japan so much and they told me what they liked in Japan and where they visited Japan. They made me realize Japanese attractions that we didn’t know.

I learned many things from the training in Korea. It was a good opportunity to think about my lifestyle well because I met many people through it.


Members who joined the program

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