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vol19. AKASAKI, Momose (TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative)

When my door opens for the world

Singapore, Polytechnic

2nd-year of the Department of Business Administration: AKASAKI, Momose
Period of study: August 23/2022 – September 19/ 2022
TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative (Academic (take off) Course)

I joined a 28-day language training at Polytechnic in Singapore.

I went to the Polytechnic every day and stayed there until the evening, the same as Japanese schools. The classes were all done in English and I took the classes with local students in Singapore. I learned many things such as new vocabulary, grammar, and correct pronunciation.
I understood well because the teacher explained with gestures, pictures, and drawings for us to understand easily. I sometimes didn’t understand what the teacher said, but my classmates explained it to me in simple English. I made many friends, and they corrected me or helped me when I made mistakes. They taught me how fun to communicate in English.
We had a speech once a week in English, and I managed to demonstrate the basic speech, gestures I learned. I realized my language skills getting better and that gave me confidence.


Having meals with friends at a restaurant

My friends took me to many places after school.
We went to tourist spots and a special place that only local people knew that was not in the guidebook, a restaurant that provided delicious food, a popular store, and recommended snacks and juice at a supermarket.

Marina Bay Sands

At front of Merlion

I joined a tour to learn Singapore’s history at school. I learned many historical heritages, also there were things I paid attention to because local people mentioned them.

I saw Marina Bay Sands and Merlion when we went to the famous Merlion park. I had only seen them on TV shows and in pictures, so I was very impressed because they were beautiful and I was happy to have an opportunity to feel different cultures.


Group picture in front of the airport before departure to Japan

I spent very meaningful time during the training and it would stay in my mind because people in Singapore were nice. It is my assets that I got many memories as well as met wonderful friends and colleagues. It has opened the door widely for the world. I would like to keep learning English hard and participate in international interaction.

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