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Ube Kosen student received an award



Shinji Kaneko (2nd grade at Chemical and Biological Engineering Advanced Course) received a Poster Award for Outstanding Presentation at JSPMIC 2017 (JSPM International Conference on Powder and Powder Metallurgy) – 60th anniversary – held on November 6/ 2017 – November 9/2017.


Mr. Shigeno, Mr. Kaneko, Mr. Mitani

Domestic and foreign researchers attended the international conference on Power and Power of Metallurgy which was held at Kyoto University. Mr. Kaneko presented dielectric characteristics improvement in low temperature sintering alumina ceramic with builder, which he collaborated with his supervisor, Associate Professor Koichi Shigeno, Ube Kosen graduated Mr. Tomoya Yamane, Mr. Junya Shimokawa and Associate Professor Mr. Hirotaka Fujimori at postgraduate Yamaguchi University. He was nominated for the prize.


Reporting to Mr. Mitani about the award

Mr. Kaneko said 「I am very happy that our one and a half years effort was recognized by receiving the poster award. This award is not only for myself, but Associate professor Shigeno and my junior fellows in the laboratory. I greatly appreciate that I was provided such a wonderful environment to do my research. I will keep doing my best to grow as a researcher and developer.」

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