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The 2nd NIT-NUU Japan-Taiwan Conference in Okayama



Ube Kosen led to organize the 2nd NIT-NUU Japan-Taiwan conference in Okayama on July 21 and 22.


NIT president Dr. Taniguchi making a speech at opening ceremony


Dr. Mitani from Ube Kosen at opening ceremony

The conference was held at Purity Makibi in Okayama, and we had over 100 participants. There were 8 sessions (Mechanical A & B, Electrical and Electronic, Intelligent System A & B, Civil Engineering and Construction, Biological and Chemical, Business Management) and participants presented their research.


One of the presentations

National United University in Taiwan participated the conference as well. They signed MOU with Ube Kosen, Anan Kosen, Niihama Kosen and Kochi Kosen (Chu-shikoku region) individually, and do students/ faculties exchange with each Kosen energetically.
There were 47 presenters from Taiwan and rest of the presenters were from 10 different Kosen (the 4th district region) over the 2 days conference.


2 students from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and Associate Prof Mr. Tagawa helped to organize the conference

When Dr. Tung-Hu Tsai became the president of National United University in December 2016, he visited NIT head office and Ube Kosen, and they planned to have the conference. They indeed held the 1st conference at National United University in September 2017.

It is unusual that some Kosen and a school in overseas cooperate and hold a conference together. We will continue to exchange research information besides on student exchange.


Visited Okayama Korakuen with National United University Faculties


Dr. Tung-Hu Tsai gave “Kakejiku” which he made to Dr. Mitani

It is scheduled to have the 3rd conference at National United University in the next summer.

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