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Farewell Party for Short-Term International Students from MARA University of Technology



We had a farewell party for 7 short-term international students from the MARA University of Technology on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. 23 people joined the party. The International Exchange Club of the Student Association organized the party with some students who were close to the international students, as well as students who lived in the dormitory as it was a good opportunity for the farewell.


During a short movie

First, Yuki Horibe (3rd-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering) greeted in English and people there watched a short movie which was about the memories of the 3 months.
After that, they enjoyed playing games, for examples, a game using chopsticks and a memory card game.

When they played the game using chopsticks, the short-term international students picked up a piece of tissue and moved them more smoothly than Japanese students who had a rule not to use the dominant hand. They were all surprised even though there was some disadvantage to Japanese students. When they played the memory card game, they bet on snacks. Even though they played hard for the betting, there were some heart-warm times, for example, short-term international students told answers to Japanese students nicely.


Game using chopsticks

During the memory card game ①


During the memory card game②

At the end of the party, short-term international students received a bouquet of snacks and they took some pictures for memory.

Receiving a bouquet of snacks


Picture with the bouquet of snacks

Students were communicating in Japanese or English more naturally than when they had the welcome party 3 months ago, which told us that students closely communicated for the 3 months. It was a very nice farewell party with a lot of appreciation for the short-term international students.


Group picture of the party participants

The International Exchange Club plans and runs events such as a Christmas party for short-term/ long-term international students and Japanese students, and a Japanese cultural experience. We use not only English but Japanese appropriately for communication, so please feel free to join us if you are interested. It is sure that you will have a great experience.

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