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A debrief session of Advanced Course internship in 2015



On December 3rd, 2015, we had a debrief session of Advanced Course internship on the second floor of the library building.


Internship aims to increase students’ motivations for learning through working experiences at companies in Japan or abroad. Also it implements to develop attitudes toward work, a sense of responsibility, and independence. Moreover, it provides students a guidepost for making a career choice in the future.
We have this session every year as a place for Advanced Course students who did an internship at companies for 3weeks during summer vacation to report the results of their internships.

At the session, Pres. Mitani gave an opening speech first, then the head of Career Support Office, Mr. Ehara delivered a lecture.


Pres. Mitani giving an opening speech


Mr. Ehara delivering a lecture

After the lecture, 36 of 1st grade students divided into two groups and they reported their internships using Power Point. The students who did their internships abroad made their presentations in English and also talked in English. Some students presented with an uptight look, but they could actively answer questions. It was a productive session.

At the session, not only staff members of Ube Kosen, but people from the company which accepted internships attended the session and they listened to each student’s presentation.

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