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Ceremony for the newly completed international dormitory of Ube Kosen



We held a ceremony for the newly completed international dormitory of Ube Kosen under the good infection control for COVID 19 on Monday, February 28, 2022.

At the ceremony, President Yamakawa said “we would like to have better international exchange and foster engineers who can contribute worldwide”. Also, we had congratulatory speeches from Takashi Kasahara, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Facilities Planning and Disaster Prevention, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Takeo Kawamura, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

President Speech

Takashi Kasahara, Deputy Director-General, gave congratulatory speech.

Takeo Kawamura, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, gave congratulatory speech.

Following the speeches, President Yamakawa and the guests had the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly completed international dormitory. Isao Taniguchi, President of National Institute of Technology, made acknowledgments to people who were involved in the international dormitory construction.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony with Presidents Yamakawa and guests

President Isao Taniguchi making acknowledgments

After the ceremony, we had a tour of the international dormitory and we energetically discussed the dormitory.

Discussing the dormitory during the tour

What is International Dormitory?

The international dormitory is intended to be a basis for the international exchange of National Institute of Technology. 17 out of 51 Kosen in Japan received a budget for the international dormitory. In the Chugoku area, Ube Kosen and Tsuyama Kosen have an international dormitory respectively. Ube Kosen international dormitory is a reinforced concrete building, 3 stories, and share-house style. There are communication spaces, 10 unit rooms which have 6 to 7 private rooms for males and females separated respectively. The building can accommodate up to 68 people.
The international dormitory started to run in April 2022. International students and Japanese students live together daily basis in the building. We will accept short-term international students after COVID 19 settles. We expect that the international dormitory will help to promote cross-cultural mutual understanding and develop a global mind.

What is the difference between International Dormitory and Hakucho Dormitory?

International dormitory is part of Hakucho dormitory. So the dormitory rules, cafeteria, shower room (bathing room), etc. are the same as the existing five dormitory buildings. On the other hand, the layout is very different from the existing dormitory.
The current existing five dormitory buildings have rooms that each room accommodates 1 to 3 persons (currently, each room accommodates maximum of 2 persons due to COVID 19 infection control), in addition, each floor has shared space such as a kitchenette, bathroom, laundry room.
The new international dormitory building is share-house style structure with units. Each unit has the above-mentioned shared facilities and shower room. Also, it has a Halal dedicated kitchen on the ground floor. In addition, there is a study room that all the students (not only boarding students) can use. We expect that we can use the study room for international exchange events, etc.

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