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【International Cooperation Project】 Held a Vietnam Forum for Kosen International Cooperation



“Vietnam Forum for Kosen International Cooperation” was held at Gakushi Kaikan (Tokyo) on November 19, 2021. It was done online for affiliated organizations and companies that involved in the international cooperation, etc. and all Kosen schools. National Institute of Technology (hereinafter Kosen Institute) has started to provide educational support to foster engineers in characterized of Kosen to Mongolia, Thailand, and Vietnam since about 2016. Ube Kosen is in charge of the Vietnam project and we promote the project with support of Hakodate Kosen, Tsuruoka Kosen, Gifu Kosen, and Ariake Kosen.

President Yamakawa (Ube Kosen) started the forum with his greetings. The first part was about the topic of “Kosen Institute role in SDGs era in Asia”. Deputy Counselor Hiroyuki Aoki (Kosen Institute) played a role as a moderator, Prof. Izumi Ono (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) and President Mitsuteru Inoue (Kosen Institute) talked about the topic. Prof. Ono said it was necessary to foster human resources who had social problem-solving skills and broaden perspective visions in Asian countries including Japan. President Inoue explained that Kosen had a reputation as an educational organization to foster human resources to solve problems with technologies. They discussed energetically Kosen education system, expectations from other Asian countries on Japanese support in the SDGs era.

President Yamakawa (Ube Kosen) greeting as the organizer

Deputy Counselor Hiroyuki Aoki (Kosen Institute) making a keynote speech

Prof. Izumi Ono (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) at the keynote dialogue

She explained what kind of industrial human resources were required for SDGs era, also compared each country for industrial human resources

President Mitsuteru Inoue (Kosen Institute) at the keynote dialogue

He explained Kosen Institute features, background of the international project, plans for the future.

In the second part, there were reports about the support activities to the college of the industry (Hanoi), Hue Industrial College (Hue), and Cao Thang Technical College (Ho Chi Minh). Also, curriculum developments, class improvements, etc. were introduced. It was also reported that Japanese faculties, staff, and students were globalized through the supporting activities.

Vice President Hitaka Yoshikazu (Ube Kosen)
explained the summary of the Vietnam project.

Prof. Masayuki Okamoto (Ube Kosen) reported about the college of the industry (COIT, Hanoi City) as a pilot school.

Prof. Atsushi Sato (Tsuruoka Kosen)
reported about Hue Industrial College (Hue-IC, Hue City).

Prof. Hiroaki Tsubone (Ariake Kosen)
reported about Cao Thang Technical College (CTTC, Ho Chi Minh City).

Prof. Nakano Yoichi (Ube Kosen)
Moderator for the forum

It was a good opportunity to build up a new network between affiliated organizations, some companies and Kosen through the forum. We appreciate your understanding and support for the Kosen international cooperation project.

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