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A lecture by Professor Cho SeongPyo at Kyungpook National University



On February 10th, 2016, Ube Kosen invited Professor Cho SeongPyo from Kyungpook National University round for a lecture titled “60 Years of Manufacturing Companies in Korea: Longitudinal Analysis on the Financial Characteristics”. The lecture was given at a fourth lecture room on the second floor of the Student Hall.


Professor Cho SeongPyo giving a lecture.

This lecture was for the students of Advanced Course of Management Information Engineering at Ube Kosen. The content of the lecture was that from 1961 to 2013 in Korea, based on the economic statistics system of Bank of Korea (1961-1980) and the financial date which KIS-VALUE of Korea gives, they figured out the financial ratio of such as asset liability ratio, current ratio, the Sales growth, operating profit on sales, and pretax OPM. Then they analyzed the variation.
In light of Korean economic policy, external pressure, and the effect of world economic situation, the lecture helped us understand Korean economy, especially the direction of development of the field of manufacturing.

Professor Cho SeongPyo’s lecture, all questions from the students and the teachers, and the comments were all in English and all of them asked and answered questions actively.
We will gradually pursue professional education in English like this and focus more energy on human resources development to be able to be active in global society.

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