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A training debrief session of an intern from Taiwan was held



On February 12th, 2016, Miss. YUEH-TING LI, an intern from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan finished her one month training and had a debrief session.


Miss. YUEH-TING LI reporting her internship.

Miss. Li started her intern at Ube Kosen from January 19th. She collected questionnaires, made a guide map of sightseeing in Ube, answered the phone at Planning and Collaboration Office. She also taught pronunciation in 4th grade’s Chinese classes, and introduced Taiwan to the students who want to go there for studying.


She introduced Taiwan and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages.

She received training at Ube Kosen and also at International Policy Division of Ube city hall. She learned Japanese manner including how to exchange business cards. She also learned the policy of environment in Ube.

She joined school club activities such as Japanese art of archery, tea ceremony, badminton and deepened exchanging with Japanese students.

At the end of the session, she said that she wants to make good use of this valued experience in Japan and tries harder after she goes back to Taiwan. She conveyed her gratitude to the participants.


At the debrief session.


A commemorative photo of the internship.

Miss. Li gave us feedback about her internship so we’d like to introduce it here.

After finishing an internship in Japan / Miss. YUEH-TING LI

I could experience various works at Planning and Collaboration Office as an intern.
I set up tablets, collected questionnaires of the library, translated the guide of the dormitory, and made a guide map of sightseeing in Ube. Also I introduced Taiwan and Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages using power point for Ube Kosen students who are going to come to Taiwan to study this March. Moreover, I joined Chinese classes, Japanese circumstance class which international students are taking, and Department of Business Administration’s classes.
I also received training at International Policy Division of Ube city hall. I observed RECYCLE PLAZA and a trash burning place. I was surprised at the large quantity of garbage. We make machines and things like that for our convenience. On the other hand, we create something harmful.
I’ve found I have to learn more things that I’m lacking now after I received training in Japan. I will try harder and be strong after I go back to Taiwan.
I’m so grateful for many people’s help for this one month. Everything was new to me and I was very nervous, so I really appreciate that everyone taught me kindly. It was a short time, but this will become a cherished memory.

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