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A language training and an overseas training at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)




A work they created in a lesson.

From August 19th to Septmber 18th, at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), 17 students joined an English language training, and 6 students joined an overseas training (assigned to laboratories).

The training at UiTM was the first program we held in this year, and planned for the lower grade students to join an English language training to increase their motivation to English study and to hope to increase their interests and understandings of overseas. Also it was planned for the upper grade students to do their special research at a laboratory.

Ube Kosen’s International Affairs Office plans some distinctive programs for students to have them experience overseas.

One of the feature of this language training at UiTM was that basically “Speaking” was focused on. The students had classroom lecture using animated materials or so on in the morning. In the afternoon, they had many speeches and presentations. Each student had his own speech theme, and presented and discussed it in front of the class. The lessons were focused on speaking, and were different from their lessons in Japan.


Activity with the buddies.

“Buddy System” was the most characteristic system in this training. This system was that one student (called “Buddy”) from UiTM out of every 3 Japanese students supported them in a lesson in the afternoon. Thanks to this “Buddy System”, we could avoid the situation that only Japanese students got together and talked Japanese all the time during staying this training, which is common situation in overseas trainings.

Many of the Japanese students enjoyed sports or sightseeing with their Buddies on weekends and after school. Their communication abilities definitely improved spectacularly. Malaysian were very pro-Japanese and supportive, so all the Japanese students could enjoy their training and many of them said that they want to join this training again.


Visiting the Blue Mosque.


At an excursion.

The 6 students who joined the overseas training observed the campus of UiTM on the first day, and created their own activity program. Then from the second day, they were assigned each laboratory. Because they thought their English skills were not enough, some of them felt uneasy about doing everything alone among Malaysian students. But this overseas training also used “Buddy System”, so they had their Buddies’ full cooperation on doing their researches and everything in Malaysia.

Moreover, 3 students of the 6 joined an overseas internship held by Kokuyama Kosen at Panasonic Automotive Systems Malaysia in Penang Island for a week during their training at UiTM.

The students who joined this training presented their result of their training in English at Ube Kosen on November 1st.

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