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Concluded an MOU agreement with HUE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE



Ube Kosen and HUE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE in Vietnam has held a signing ceremony at Ube Kosen and they has concluded an agreement for academic exchange. This agreement is focus on an exchange of teachers, an implementation of student exchange programs, and a promotion of joint researches.

At the ceremony, before concluding an agreement, both Mr. Mitani, the president of Ube Kosen, and Mr. Le Van Luan, the vice-president of HUE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE expressed their goals of their future cooperative relationship. They also expressed their appreciation for the conclusion of the agreement.


Mr. Mitani saying a few words in the ceremony.


Mr. Le Van Luan saying a few words in the ceremony.

After that, they signed the agreement, and the agreement for academic exchange was concluded.


Signing the agreement.


Showing the agreement after signed.

They also presented a gift each other to wish for active academic exchange between the two schools. Mr. Le Van Luan presented a model of the school building at the time of opening of HUE INDUSTRIAL COLLEGE, and Mr. Mitani presented an Ouchi coating vase which is a traditional craft in Yamaguchi.


Exchanging gifts.

Exchange between the two schools will be deeper and deeper from now on by concluding this agreement.


A commemorative photo for the agreement.

The contents of the agreement

  • Exchange of students
  • Exchange of teachers and staff
  • Exchange of information, publications and materials for academic purposes
  • Cooperation for joint lectures, researches, symposiums and projects

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