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Attending the third “ASIA DAY”



On October 21st, 2017, National Institute of Technology, Kure College held the third “ASIA DAY”.

“ASIA DAY” is one of the events Kure Kosen International Friendship Club hosts. Over 50 Japanese and international students from Kosen of Ube, Tokuyama, Oshima, and Kure attended this event. There were 14 students from Ube Kosen attending this event. Participating countries were 6 countries, from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

As an icebreaking activity, the students played Picture-Telephone game. They draw a picture of the theme, and they had to answer in English what the theme was. They really enjoyed the game, and they could open up to each other.

Mr. Hiroyuki Nagai, a graduate of Kure Kosen had a speech entitled “What is the Global job?” He talked to the students the life-enriching hints through his own foreign experience. He ended his speech with “Work hard on everything!”


At a Global Understanding Workshop, the students broke into teams, and each team discussed entitled “What would you do if you were the leader of a country and a crisis occurred? What would you give priority to, Education, economy, safety, society, or politics?” One team emphasized the safety, because without security guarantees (or when life is in danger), we can’t do anything. Also, one team chose the economy, and another team chose the politics. It was a quick-fire discussion.

At a cross-cultural experience booth, the students could try on Malaysian traditional clothes, do Indonesian origami, try to write Cambodian language letters, and listen to reading out a picture book in Vietnamese. They could have a valuable experience without moving away from Japan.


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