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Won the second prize at the 33rd Chugoku District Intercollegiate English Oratorical Contest



The 33rd Chugoku District Intercollegiate English Oratorical Contest was held at View Port Kure on November 10th (Fri) & 11th (Sat).


Speech Participants and Judges

Ms. Tomomura, Maria, 3rd grade of Business Administration course, won a second prize for Presentation Single Division and she got the right to participate in the Kosen National Intercollegiate English Oratorical Contest.


Ms. Tomomura won a second prize

This contest has “Presentation Single Division” and “Recitation Division”, and it is held to improve expressions in English and friendship among the Chugoku District Kosen students. The contest also helps to improve students English communication skills. Only the first and second prize winners are able to participate in the national contest. There were 16 participants from 8 Kosen schools in Chugoku district.

Ms. Tomomura made a speech on “Living with People”. Listeners were touched by her enthusiastic and youthful conclusion of “The reason why I still go on journeys”.


Ms. Tomomura performing a speech

She explained that there were three fundamental words for communications which were “Smile”, “Call” and “Tell” and these words were the key to establish better relationship on family, friends and even businesses. She will make a speech on “Smile”, “Ask” and “Tell” at National contest as well, and you bet you want to join “Maria Tour”.


Ms. Tomomura and a contest judge

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