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Vietnamese Trainees Final Presentation on JICA Project



At Ube Kosen, two Vietnamese trainees had a final presentation on JICA project which started in April 2017. They reported what they learned about Kosen Education System. Ex) Educational organization, curriculum, after school activities, facilities and so on.

Ube Kosen and Tokuyama Kosen co-hosted the final presentation based on the contract they made with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). They also distributed the presentation to other Kosen schools which were members of Kosen Education Overseas Expansion Project via video conference system (GI-net).

Mr. Mitani who is Ube Kosen president had an opening speech, then Mr. Nam from Hue Industrial College made a presentation as a guest speaker. Mr. Nam had a short term training at Ube and Tokuyama Kosen in the past. Then Mr. Binh from Phuc Yen College of Industry and Mr. Khanh from Cao Thang Technical College made presentation. Mr. Binh had training at Ube Kosen and Mr. Khanh at Tokuyama Kosen.


Mr. Mitani had an opening speech


Mr. Nam’s presentation


Mr. Binh’s presentation


Question and answer session for Mr. Binh


Mr. Khanh’s presentation


Question and answer session for Mr. Khanh


Mr. Hayashida from JICA gave feedback to three speakers.

Mr. Hayashida who is JICA project chief advisor reviewed their presentation and gave them feedback.


Mr. Isami, president at Tokuyama Kosen, made a closing speech.

The presentation was ended with a closing speech made by Mr. Isami, president of Tokuyama Kosen.

Ube and Tokuyama Kosen believe that Mr. Binh and Mr. Khanh will expand the Kosen system they learned in Japan when they go back to the respective colleges.

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