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Our students and other Kosen students (from Chugoku Shikoku district) had a training at Taiwan National United University in Miaoli city that we made MOU with during the 3 weeks of spring break, from Thursday, March 8th to Friday, March 30th.

This is the 4th year of spring training at National United University. 4 students (1 from the 4th year, 3 from the 3rd year) from Ube, 1 student from Tsuyama, 1 student from Kochi, 1 student from Niihama and 1 student from Kisarazu (Kanto Shinetsu district) joined the same scheduled training.

Students worked on their assignments in their respective specialized filed with Taiwanese students.

Dr. Chang explains about the training to Mr. Hozumi (Ube Kosen) and Mr. Tsurumiya (Niihama Kosen)

All the students reported the training result in English on their last day, and received a certificate for completing the training handed by Dr. Han, Intelligence system department and other professors from the university.


Debriefing session


Group picture after the debriefing session

About 10 students from National United University will have a training at Ube Kosen in late June this year for a month. Also advanced course students from Ube Kosen will go to National United University for a training from July to September, and 3rd and 4th year of Ube Kosen students will have an annual one month summer training with other Kosen (the 4th district).

Message from students (as of March 2018)

Mr. Hozumi, Masaki (Ube Kosen, 4th year of Mechanical Engineering Department)

I mainly learned about simple machine controls by using computer program during the training. Machines I used were all new to me, but I asked questions each time when I was not sure, and that way, I could understand how to use them slowly. I thought it would be difficult to communicate in English, but I did my best not to be afraid of making mistakes. As result, I think I could do my research very well for the 3 weeks.
I interacted with National United University volunteer students and other international students actively. I tried to talk to them as much as I could to improve my English conversation skills. Also, I asked them to have lunch together or play sports together.
I would like to study at abroad for long term next time based on this experience. It was a good international exchange experience for my own.


Reunited with National United University students who came to Ube Kosen last year. Ms. Katayama from Tsuyama Kosen on the right

Ms. Taguchi, Shiori (Kisarazu Kosen, 3rd year of Civil Engineering Department)

Office I was assigned researched about soil contamination and fly ash. We made glass by using fly ash. Usually, fly ash was used to make concrete stronger, but they were researching for other usages. The glass we made had white stains because it was not dissolved well as we used bigger size of SiO2, bigger than usual. People in the office were also surprised very much.
Volunteer students from National United University and others took us for supper during weekdays. Also they took us to Taipei and Hsinchu on weekends. I had Chinese-Japanese language exchange lessons with Taiwanese students who belonged to the same office. We also introduced songs to each other. I had opportunities to interact with French, Indian and other countries students who also studied at National United University. It was a good experience for me as I was not expected to communicate other than Taiwanese.
It was a very exciting training because I could meet many people. A goal I have is to improve language abilities. Other students were very active to communicate with Taiwanese people, but I was not. Since Chinese class starts in April, I would like to study hard to master it. And I want to communicate better next time in Taiwan.


International Volunteer Club students and Ms. Taguchi (right side) from Kisarazu Kosen

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