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English Training in New Zealand



We had English training at Ara Institute of Canterbury, Timaru city, New Zealand, for 2 weeks during spring break from Saturday, March 10/ 2018 to Monday, March 26/ 2018.

English Class

We signed MOU with Ara Institute of Canterbury in March 2018. 1 student from 3rd year and 2 students from 2nd year joined our first language training there.

After school activity

Farewell Party

It is scheduled to have 5 weeks of language training at their Christchurch campus in summer 2018.

Message from students (as of March 2018)

Ms. Tomomura, Maria (3rd year of Business Administration Department)

Many people in New Zealand were cheerful and open to others. I felt that it was important to understand our own culture, history, economy and to be proud of own country as I interacted with my host family or school teachers.
We learned communication skills by using basic English in the morning. And in the afternoon, we learned Maori culture and New Zealand in English. The school staff drove us to view some buildings every Friday, and I could meet some people.
I would like to visit overseas and meet more people while I stay at Kosen. I haven’t decided either to gain a job or move to a university after I finish Kosen, but I am also considering to move to overseas. I would like to do my best in my rest of Kosen life. I will stay in touch with people I met this time and will be nice to visit New Zealand again.

With host mother at Lake Tekapo

Mr. Yokonuma, Kazuma (2nd year of Chemical and Biological Engineering Department)

I was worried to visit New Zealand as I never went to overseas before, but people there were nice and it was comfortable with good environment. There were Chinese and Korean students in the class, and I learned not only English, but Chinese and Korean.
After the 2 weeks stay in New Zealand, I thought it would be more fun if I spoke English. I am planning to study languages, but not only limited to English. I would like to go to some other countries while I stay at Kosen as I am interested in overseas now.

Dinner with host family (Mr. Yokonuma on the right)

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