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Students reported on their training at National United University in Taiwan



Kosen students made presentations on what they achieved during their training in the conference room of the library on the 6th floor at National United University on Friday, September 7/ 2018.


During presentation

Training was started in July for Advanced course students. And a jointed training with other Kosen for regular course students kicked off in August.
Group of regular course students learned Chinese mainly for the first two weeks and performed experiments, practices in their specialty for the last two weeks.
Most of advanced course students spent the entire two months to perform experiments, practices in their specialty. We also started a new program from this year. 3 students from advanced course had training in their specialty for the first month and did practical training at a cooperation for the second month.

Students from Niihama Kosen, Kochi Kosen, Kisarazu Kosen, Ibaragi Kosen and Tsuruoka Kosen joined the training this year.


Group picture of students

Message from students

Mr. Shintaro Takumi (1st year of Advanced course of Management Information Engineering)

I researched of currency exchange prediction methods at National United University. We compared machine learning methods and statistical methods, and we identified which one produced the most accurate result. As all classes and meetings were done in English, I often had hard time because I could not explain well my opinions. But I could have great time as Associate Prof. Huang, who was my supervisor, supported me. This experience will be beneficial for my future researches.

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