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Mr. Daisuke Nishide from Sun* gave a speech at Ube Kosen, organized by Student Ambassadors.



Our Student Ambassadors invited Mr. Daisuke Nishide who is a manager at Philippine branch of Sun* as a guest speaker. Mr. Nishide talked about “What kind of future I see by working abroad and for IT?” “Possibility of Kosen Students becoming Japanese “savior”.”
The speech was made at Learning Commons, Student Union Building on Tuesday, June 4th. Sun* is a digital creative studio located in seven cities over five countries and more than 1,300 people registered the studio. They also run a tech school named “Awesome Ars Academia” with their English division development team.


During the speech #1

Mr. Nishide leads the IT industry worldwide from Cebu Island, Philippines, and he also provides technology education to over 1,000 people annually in Philippines and Vietnam. Awesome Ars Academia has been accepting Japanese as well.

He talked about how the technology-centered world would be like, how Japan would be like, and how Kosen students would be like in the future. He said it was not enough to describe a technology. We had to use technologies and then what kind of world we would have. His speech was very informative.


Mr. Nishide talking to students enthusiastically


During the speech #2

We also learned what Japanese people who lived and worked overseas felt about. That was valuable for us. After the speech, we had a round-table discussion with a light meal provided at Coles Cafe. Mr. Nishide and participants had good discussions. This speech was organized as one of the Student Ambassador (promoting international exchange activities within the school) activities. We will plan more activities like this in the near future.

Message from Mr. Daisuke Nishide

I was very encouraged by that many teenagers here were very active such as learning with 30 international students through a year, communicating overseas people enthusiastically from Japan, visiting overseas and Tokyo when they could. As we will have an exciting future, I will be grateful if Kosen students can continue to pay their attention to the world while they enjoy their ongoing activities. It was something new to learn for me today as well. I believe we can always learn from each other over age, generation, and status. I would be happy if we can work together sometime in an exciting future by inspiring each other over generation and status.
Let’s meet somewhere in the world near the future!

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