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We have practicum students for English from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Taiwan.



Two students from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, which we signed a MOU with, in Taiwan has been at Ube Kosen as an English teaching practicum.
Two students are Ms. Lin Yu-Hsuan (Iris) and Ms. Hsieh Pei-Chi (Bella). They are both the 3rd year of the Institute of Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries.

Welcome party at dormitory 20141219_2Study workshop at dormitory

They have participated in a research workshop for the 1st year students which started in 2nd term and a project learning class as English speakers, also they have joined our various international activities like After-school English conversation club “Ni-Haro”, English study club at Hakucho Dormitory.

“Ni-Haro” After-school English Club 20141219_2Introducing Taiwan at Summer International Training Information Session

They taught English as ELT at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Yamaguchi University in April and May. They also have been teaching English to the 1st and 2nd grade students at Mizome Elementary School in Ube city once a week since the middle of May.

Joined English Class at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Yamaguchi University 20141219_2English class at Mizome Elementary School

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages is only one university specialized in foreign languages in Taiwan and they signed a MOU with Ube Kosen on March 28th, 2016. Since then, we have accepted their students who study Chinese, Japanese and English every year for three weeks to one month as practicum students.

Ube Kosen also signed MOU with Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and some others. We have accepted many international students for the short term every year. We believe international students will understand Japan more by joining various local activities, and we can contribute to local globalization through international students.


On the last day of Heisei at Hofu Tenmangu (Shrine)

Message from practicum students


Ms. Lin Yu-Hsuan (Iris)

My name is Iris, and I come from Taiwan. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music in my free time. During my career in university, I attend some extracurricular activities, get down to every part of English, and have some experiences which are related to teaching English. I have learned a lot of teaching techniques from school and work experiences which have inspired me and triggered my greatest enthusiasm in continuously improving my English skills.
The reason why I attend internship program is because I would like to learn teaching skills and the skills of classroom management to enhance my teaching experiences, apply what I have learned in school, have more understanding about Japanese culture, learn Japanese, and broaden my horizons. I believe I will build a firmer foundation which enables me to become a more knowledgeable person who will contribute back to the greater society after joining this program.

我是Iris,來自台灣,我喜歡在空閒時看電影和聽音樂。在我的大學生涯裡,我參加了許多英文課外活動, 以及累積了一些英文教學經驗,這些經驗讓我對於英文教育的工作更有興趣及熱忱。


Ms. Hsieh Pei-Chi (Bella)

My name is Bella, I’m twenty years old and from Taiwan. This is the first time for me to join an internship in my college life. In my leisure time, I like to watch English movies or drama series. On the one hand, watching English movies is effective for improving English and listening skill, and on the other hand, I learn slang, cultures, custom from different countries.
The difference between teaching Taiwanese students and Japanese students is the most interesting thing I want to learn during my internship. However, how to prepare the lesson and manage the class are also the things I want to learn from the teacher; thus, I would like to help the teacher to prepare the clerical duties or design the lesson. I think those are the purposes for me and the reasons why I’m here.
Hang out with foreign friends is a different experience for me, thus, don’t be afraid to make friends with me. In my leisure time, I would like to know more Japanese cultural knowledge, local food, and kimono, those are my favorite things. I also want to take a trip to other places with my friends, to sum up, I want to know everything about Japan, and this is what I’m looking forward to.

我的名字叫做貝拉Bella,我今年二十歲並且來自台灣。這是我第一個在大學生活中參加的實習。 在我空閒時間,我喜歡看英文電影和影集。一方面,看電影可以有效地增進英文和聽力技巧,另一方面,我可以學到不同國家的俚語、文化和習慣。

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