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International students and Japanese students had a Hiroshima Cross-Cultural Experiences Tour.



International students and Japanese students had a Hiroshima Cross-Cultural Experiences Tour on Saturday, January 25.

Participants were two international students who were currently learning in Ube Kosen from the Department of Japanese, Taiwan Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, three long term international students, and thirteen Japanese students.
We visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (A-bomb Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum), Hiroshima Castle, and Shukkeien Garden in one day.
SA (Students Ambassador), who usually plans and organizes international exchange activities in the school, planned and organized this cross-cultural experiences tour.

Group picture at front of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


At A-bomb Dome

At Hiroshima Castle


At Shukkeien Garden, Plum blossoms had already

At Shukkeien Garden


We had Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima specialty, together.

We will continue this kind of activity in the future, and we will improve the intercultural understanding ability and communication skills of Japanese students, not only to make international students understand Japanese culture and history.

Messages from participated students

Nur Afifah Syahirah Binti Abu Bakar (4th year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, from Malaysia)

I joined the cross-cultural experiences tour which was held on Saturday, January 25. I went to Hiroshima with long term international students (Malaysia), short term international students (Taiwan), and SAs (Student Ambassador). We went to walk around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, A-bomb Dome first, and then visited Hiroshima Castle. Next, we visited Shukkeien Garden. I had a fun day experiencing Japanese culture and history. It was a good opportunity to learn things by visiting Hiroshima and experiencing Japanese culture as only I had read them in textbooks and the internet before.

NAKAMURA Aika (2nd year of the Department of the Business Administration)

This was my first time to join the cross-cultural experiences tour for international exchange. I had a great day as senior students taught me many things, also I planned for future activities of the English Conversation Club on the bus not only the activities for Hiroshima. I decided to work harder for the international exchange in the English Conversation Club for the future. When I talked to the international students with courage, they responded to me friendly so that I got closer to them. I was very excited because the Taiwanese students said they would take me places when I would go to study in Taiwan.
I was worried before I joined this tour because I didn’t know anybody, but it was good I joined because not only I communicated with international students but I talked to senior and junior students, and classmates I usually did not. I would like to join again.

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