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Ni-Halo English Club held an event to make the Malaysian traditional sweet “Onde Onde”.



“Onde Onde” is a Malaysian traditional rice cake sweet. Gula Melaka (palm sugar) is wrapped in a thin rice cake which is made of mixing sweet rice and pandanus leaves, and coconut powder is sprinkled around the rice cake.

Assistant Professor (specially appointed) Siti who is the facilitator of Ni-Halo and Tsukino Kamimura (3rd-year of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering) who is responsible for managing of Ni-Halo planned the activity. 16 Japanese students, 7 short-term international students from the MARA University of Technology of Malaysia, and our long-term international students joined the activity. They separated into 5 groups and made Onde Onde.

Ms. Kamimura gave instructions on how to make the sweet.

Ms. Kamimura prepared the recipe for Onde Onde before the activity, and she gave instructions on how to make Onde Onde with support from Assistant Professor Siti and Malaysian students. All groups had a hard time balancing the water amount, but eventually, they made Onde Onde which had the same taste you would eat in Malaysia.

During making Onde Onde ①


During making Onde Onde ②

Successfully made Onde Onde (with milk tea called Tarik)

Tasting the sweets

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