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Short-term international student from the MARA University of Technology presented his study result at 2023 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (CGIP 2023).



Ahmad Faiz Bin Noraza (hereinafter Mr. Faiz) from the MARA University of Technology (Malaysia) presented his study result at the international conference CGIP 2023 which was held from January 13, 2023 to January 16, 2023.

Mr. Faiz presenting his study result ①


Mr. Faiz presenting his study result ②

Mr. Faiz worked on an “arm injury classification issue” as a part of the study about pattern recognition/ image processing in the Mitani Office at the Department of Intelligent System Engineering from October 2022 to January 2023. He summarized the study result named “Arm injury classification on a small custom dataset using CNNs and augmentation” and submitted it to the international conference CGIP 2023. There were over 130 theses from around the world and 69 theses were selected by the peer review which was difficult to be selected. Mr. Faiz was also one of them selected.

Mr. Faiz made an oral presentation in fluent English at the online conference which was presented by theses authors who were selected by the peer review. We look forward to his continued success.

Students Comments

Ahmad Faiz Bin Norazam (Mitani Office/ Department of Intelligent System Engineering)

I was surprised and nervous when I heard that we were going to submit the research into an international conference. At first I was very nervous as I had no prior experience in writing a research paper, let alone submitting it to an international conference. But then Mitani sensei assured me that it would be fine as he was going to guide and advise me in writing the paper.
After I received the email stating that the paper was accepted in the conference, I felt very happy and excited. However then I felt nervous again as I would be presenting my research in front of an audience of research experts on an international level. This was my first time attending a conference, it was an amazing experience. Listening to other people study and research was on their respective field of study showed me how vast the knowledge that is still yet to be discovered.
After presenting my research, a spark of interest was ignited in myself. An interest to research and further pursues my studies in this field. I hope I get to join many more of these conferences and share knowledge that I have gained to other people.

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