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Courtesy visit made by a faculty of MARA University of Technology



Dr. Shamim, a faculty of MARA University of Technology paid a courtesy visit to Ube Kosen on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, and she had a meeting with President Kenedera, Prof. Hatamura (chief of the international exchange office), Prof. Ehara, and Prof. Mitani. In the meeting, they said it was a good opportunity for better education/ research for both of them by accepting their students each other. They mainly talked about how they would continuously keep the relationship and make it better for both their future growth.

Commemorative photo taken in the President Office

After the meeting, Dr. Shamimi visited and encouraged four short-term students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at MARA University of Technology (they stayed at Ube Kosen from October 16, 2023 to January 19, 2024) and checked their research progress and living situation. She was happy that her students were satisfied with their situation at Ube Kosen.

Reporting their study in the research office

With short-term international students at the front of the building of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering

Dr. Shamim’s comment

 Having an opportunity to visit four students from the Bachelor of Information Systems (Honour) Intelligent Systems Engineering, College of Computing, Informatics and Mathematics, MARA University of Technology (UiTM) who undergo the Short-term International Exchange Students programme at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Ube College on 15 November 2023 was an enlightening experience for me. The vibrant atmosphere teeming with cultural diversity and academic fervour was noticeable from the moment I stepped onto the campus. The collaborative learning environment, facilities and resources provided by NIT, coupled with guidance and supervision from proficient educators (Prof. Mitani and Prof. Ehara), nurtured the student’s academic growth and personal development. The students displayed their dedication, enthusiasm, adaptability and eagerness to learn which became the evidence that the programme not only enriched their academic knowledge but also fostered a deep appreciation for different perspectives and cultures.
 I am also incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to meet with the remarkable top management of NIT, Dr. Noboru Kanedera (President of NIT) and Dr. Manabu Hatamura (Head of International Exchange Office). Their enthusiasm in supporting the programme was truly inspiring. I strongly believe in the potential for this programme to evolve beyond the student exchanges. In my opinion, the programme can also encompass support for educators and foster expertise exchange between NIT and UiTM. Expanding its scope to include students, educators and experts will undoubtedly enhance its impact and contribute to a richer exchange of knowledge and experiences among all participants. I believe that this program will grow into a comprehensive platform for holistic academic and professional development.

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