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Presentation session for the summer international training achievement



We had a presentation session for the summer international training achievement of 2023 on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

This summer, we had the following training: Language Training, International Training, Global Entrepreneurship Training, Korean and Japanese Co-Program Training, Penang Project Experience-Based Training, and TOBITATE! Study Abroad. Fifty-nine students participated in respective training, and they reported their achievements.

The presentation was done in the poster presentation style. Each of the students summarized their experiences in 8 pages (size of paper 210 mm x 297 mm) and they prepared by posting the papers on the poster stand the day before. It was also a good experience for them to make attractive posters. All involved students gathered in the multimedia learning room on the session day, and they placed their posters against the wall to set up the venue. Other students, teachers, and long-term/ short-term international students of Ube Kosen who were interested in the session came to see the poster presentation.


The students separated into two groups and the first group reported then followed by the second group. Each student explained their report in front of the poster. People who came for the poster session listened to the presentation eagerly, asked questions, also read the posters they were interested in. The session was very successful.

A student is explaining her report in front of the poster.

Having discussions

Closing greetings (President Kanedera)

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