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Short-term international students presented their research at the international conference “CGIP2024”.



The International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (CGIP2024) was held at Uji Campus, Kyoto University from January 12 to January 15, 2024. Four short-term international students from the MARA University of Technology (Intan and Amin from Ehara research office, Shahir and Nisa from Mitani research office) presented their research at the conference.

They summarized their research results in a short time of about 3 months. All four students had their papers accepted and obtained an opportunity to present their research respectively.


At Uji Campus, Kyoto University(From left, Nisa, Intan, Shahir, and Amin)


Handed a participation certificate to Nisa

At the international conference, specialists gave the students some questions so that they acknowledged their issues, etc. for the future because of these questions. That gave them more motivation and an inquisitive spirit for their research. Faiz who was a short-term international student last year told all four students about his experiences and that became one of their motivations to research at Ube Kosen. We hope that they will succeed worldwide through their experience at the international conference.


Amin’s presentation


Having good time in the research office

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