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Award Ceremony for “The First E-learning English Words Contest”



The award ceremony for “E-learning English Words Contest” was held in the President’s office on Tuesday, July 13.

This contest was planned as part of the global engineer fostering project “enriched basic education to foster engineers with great international communication skills”. The contest was open for the 1st to the 3rd year’s students in the main course and it was held from Wednesday, June 23 to Wednesday, June 30. Participated students studied daily using an English learning website “E-learning” by ALC EDUCATION INC. and competed with each other to show their learning achievement.

At the award ceremony, President Yamakawa handed certificates and gifts from the Support Association to three students who particularly performed well at the contest. The three students are Hina Taniguchi (2nd-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering), Mako Takeuchi (2nd-year of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering), and Kyosuke Sugiyama (3rd-year of the Department of Intelligent System Engineering).

For the memory of the award ceremony
(From left, Academic Affairs Chief Miura, Mako Takeuchi, Hina Taniguchi, Kyosuke Sugiyama, President Yamakawa)

The three students talked to President Yamakawa and Academic Affairs Chief Miura after the ceremony and told why they participated in the contest. One of them said “I am not good at English, but I managed to remember English words without effort just by participating in the contest” and that made the other people impressed.

President Yamakawa encouraged them saying “You will have more opportunities to use English in the future. It is sad you feel awkward having a conversation because you do not understand only one word. You will enjoy the conversation when you understand what the other person wants to say. Please keep making efforts.”

We will have the second and the third contest after the third semester. We expect many students will participate in the contest for the second time and keep going.

We accept various inquiries related to E-learning at the office of student affairs. Please feel free to contact us.

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