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Cross-Cultural Experience Tour to Hagi and Nagato



International exchange club of the student association in Ube Kosen organized a trip to Hagi and Nagato on Saturday, June 18. There were 34 students (9 international students from Laos, Mongolia, Malaysia, Columbia, and Benin and 25 Japanese students from the 1st-year to the 4th-year) who joined the trip.

Students were separated into 7 groups in which Japanese and international students were mixed and each group moved around together. Before the day of the trip, students had a meeting to introduce each other at school. At the meeting, Japanese students were assigned to learn about Tokoji Temple and Shoin Shrine in Hagi, Motonosumi Shrine and Tsunoshima in Nagato, and Akiyoshidai respectively. They explained the history and the origin of the assigned spot to international students on the day of the trip.

Even though it was the rainy season, we had nice weather and managed to visit all the places we planned. We have a plan to have another Cross-Cultural Experience Tour to Miyajima (Hiroshima Prefecture) in the second semester.

Group picture at Akiyoshidai observation deck

Group picture in front of Kikuyake resident in Hagi

Students listening to the history of Kikuyake resident from a tour guide

At the gate of Tokoji Temple in Hagi

Students explaining the origin of Shoin Shrine

At a rocky area by the sea in Motonosumi Shrine

Group picture in front of the gate of Motonosumi Shrine

Tsunoshima bridge

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