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Joint interim report of “About Japan” which is a teaching material for international students was presented by participating student groups.



A presentation of the joint interim report was held in Hiroshima City on Saturday, June 25, 2022, and our students participated in the presentation with Tsuyama Kosen students. The presentation was about creating teaching material about Japan for international students of Kosen. The reason why they started creating the teaching material was that international students needed to learn the Japanese language and Japanese complicated rules, etc. The presentation was also the first meeting for students to report the progress in 2022 and four groups of students presented their idea and plans.

This project has started in April 2021 and the purpose of the project is to create a board game for international students of Kosen to obtain various knowledge necessary to live in Japan. We announced to all the students about the project through the international exchange office in April this year, and fourteen students from the 1st-year to the 3rd-year including some students from last year were to participate in the project. We had a kick-off meeting with Tsuyama Kosen online on Tuesday, May 17. Then each group of students who were mixed of both Ube and Tsuyama Kosen had some meetings at schools or online and prepared for the joint interim report.

During the group presentation

A group is improving two sample games that were made last year.

This year, we made two groups for the project. One group takes over the work from last year and improves it and the other group is to create a new game from scratch.

A group working on a game that Japanese students and international students can learn Japanese taxation through the game.

A group working on a game that international students travel in Japan. A student from Thailand (Tsuyama Kosen) is a leader of the group.

We recognized that each group had been working well on the teaching materials and they exchanged their opinions actively in the question-and-answer session. They will check the project if they need to make some changes based on the interim report, and will present another report again at the second joint report presentation that will be held in October.

Group picture

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