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Welcome party for international students



We had a welcome party for international students in the multimedia learning room on Friday, June 24, 2022. The party was organized by the international exchange club of the student association to communicate with international students and Japanese students better. At the party, they communicated in Japanese, occasionally in English, so the new international students were able to learn some Japanese which was useful for daily life.

Playing fruit baskets

They played fruit baskets which involve some fun physical activities, card games, etc. to experience some Japanese-style activities and they were quite excited. Then they had a talking time to introduce their countries and birthplace for a while. They also talked about recommended tourist spots and good food. International students interestingly asked some questions to Japanese students such as recipes they wanted to eat, and restaurant information. Since we had an international student who ate halal food, some Japanese students asked about halal. They had a great talking time at the party.

Group picture #1

Group picture #2

Students were nervous at first because many students from junior to senior joined the party, but they started to relax as the time went by and they all had a good time eventually.

The international exchange club of the student association plans some events such as cultural introduction, Japanese-style play experiences, and sports competitions that international students and Japanese students can join. These events will be done by communicating in Japanese and English, so please come to join us if you are interested.

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