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Language Training and Internship for the Advanced Course at MARA University of Technology



13 students of Ube Kosen joined a language training and internship for the Advanced Course at MARA University of Technology from Friday, August 26/2022 to Friday, September 23/2022.

During the language training

Picture was taken when wearing traditional Malaysian clothes

The language training had content to learn English and understand Malay and Malaysian culture better. Our students studied English with some activities with teachers and students of MARA University of Technology in the class.

A meeting with their professor

Presented their research achievement at the final presentation

The internship that our Advanced Course students joined was to study their specialty. Studying in a different environment compared to Japan gave them great motivation to lead the way for the future.

Students of MARA University of Technology supported classes and living for our students as a buddy actively during the internship. They took our students sightseeing and shopping on days off. It was a good opportunity for our students that they communicated well with local students.

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