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Presentation for Overseas Training Achievement of Summer in 2022



We held a session for our students to make a presentation for overseas training achievement of summer 2022 at three locations which were multimedia learning room, multi-purpose training room, and learning commons of Ube Kosen on Friday, October 28, 2022.

We had stopped sending our students overseas due to COVID-19, but we resumed it for the first time in three years. 49 students joined language training (including online training) and other types of training overseas at MARA University of Technology (Malaysia), Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore), Yeungjin University (Korea), and The University of Newcastle (Australia) in the summer.

Also, some students who were chosen for TOBITATE! Study Abroad Initiative the previous year managed to join training or research at respective organizations such as MARA University of Technology, Singapore Polytechnic, University of Rhode Island, and an NPO farm (U.S.A) as they had planned because they could not go last year.

During the presentation (in the multi-purpose training room)

During the presentation (in the learning commons)

Enthusiastic Question-and-Answer session (in the multimedia learning room)

Many students mentioned the necessity of language skills and cross-cultural understanding, also willingness of international exchange activities in the future during their presentations. At the question-and-answer session after the presentation, some teachers and students who planned to join overseas training in the future asked questions about local lifestyle, tourist spots, etc. energetically.

Number of the 2022 Summer Overseas Training Participants

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